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There are two major thoughts behind this book. Primarily, the first three chapters of Revelation show us a timeline that, when followed with regards to each of the seven churches, lets us know that we are clearly in the final days before God the Father sends God the Son to bring his church out of this world as we know it.

The second thought is how the widespread understanding of what true salvation is has shifted, both in definition and in people’s understanding. The meaning of salvation is clear in the early chapters of the book of Acts, and although it has not changed, how people understand it has changed. The words faith and believe have different definitions biblically than in Webster’s or the Urban Dictionary or other references today’s readers may consult.

The great thing is that it’s not too late, unless he comes before this book goes into print. And if he does, maybe it will be far enough along for some of the left behind to finish the work.

It’s the difference between heaven and hell, and I would not want my eternal destination hanging on whether or not I understood the biblical definition of a word.

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