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When I stop to think where this book started, I go back to a conversation I had with my father many years ago. I have always been careful what I read. I mean I don’t trust all writers because there are a lot of books that, I believe, can give you misleading information.


So, I asked my father, since he had been a pastor for many years, about a commentary that I could use that could be trusted. He told me that H.A. Ironsides would never lead me in the wrong direction.


Dr. Ironsides commentaries had been out of print for some time. I had searched for them, or part of them, for quite a while when I mentioned to my son and his wife that I couldn’t find them and asked if they would help me look. Young people are so much better at new ways to find things than I am. I didn’t think much more about it and some time later they gifted me with five of Dr. Ironsides commentaries. One of which was on The Revelation. As I studied it along with my bible, he (Dr. Ironsides) introduced to me the thought that the ‘Seven Churches’ described in the first three chapters weren’t only teaching us about problems in the churches, but that each church represents an actual time period in the current “church age”

As I studied along, the Spirit of God began to develop in my heart and mind this thought that has become this book. I am not an educated man. I dropped out of school in the tenth grade, so I take no claim to this book other than trying to be a willing vessel for God to use. I have trusted God with my biblical knowledge in which I have been blessed to know what I do.

I began to write, and the Spirit would bring scriptural things to mind that would support and provide understanding to the various scriptural thoughts and verses in these few chapters. I also was so blessed when I found the Bible Hub. Through this site I have been able to use the King James Version of the bible and reference the Strong’s Concordance for clear and precise definitions of the original Greek wording.

So, in all, I have depended on the Holy Spirit most of all, but also my KJV bible, Dr. Ironside’s Commentaries and the Strong’s Concordance for my research for this book. As I was working on this book, I was struggling with what the name of the book should be. I was writing it, but it wasn’t mine. So, I told God He would have to tell me what the name or title should be. I waited for quite some time before He gave me the name for it. As I was studying Dr. Ironside’s Commentary I came across a new word that I did not know. When I looked up the definition it was “tending to vanish like a vapor”. Months later when God was ready, He gave me the title, The Evanescent Church. In providing the name He had chosen I had a clear understanding for the book I had written.

May God be glorified by this book, and may it be, and do, exactly what He wants it to.